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Our Philosophy

Our Travel Philosophy

We wont take you where we have never been! Our operators scout the places and activities before they ever invite you to travel with them. We do the research, the legwork, pre-check all routes taste the food, try out what places have to offer, only then, after forging sometimes rare relationships with suppliers of accommodations and other facilities, do we invite you to travel with us. If its not fun don’t do it! Folks that travel do it for the love of it. Our camaraderie spirit, borne of the fact we anticipate most of your travelling needs and help you solve them, creates a unique family feeling which is sometimes captured from time to time by the lone chant of our motto by fellow travellers... Aooocheeeehe! This is what has earned us one of the highest repeat customer rates in the region. Sustainable travel commitment. The ability to pay for travel ranks us among the privileged groups of our society. We are sensitive to the effects of travel on the places we visit. We strive at all times to preserve traditions and respect cultures we come in contact with, we make conscious decisions to protect frail natural habitats. We are always on the look out for ways to give back to communities that we interact with. To learn more about this See the charities.... we support.

What sets us apart

When you are excellent at something for a long time, people tend to notice and that is the case with Leseli Tours. The energy and passion with which we set out onto any activity will envelope you throughout the experience. The family and friendly promise from pick up point to departure is what earned us many repeat travellers. We pride ourselves with the ability to attract people from different cultures, who at the end of our trips become not only travel buddies but friends and family. Our hallmark is that we do not subcontract our work. Whilst we do augment our offer by roping in hyper-specialized experts, from chefs to scuba diver instructors, on a daily basis the people you interact with logistically are our well trained and helpful guides, the further afield we travel the more important this distinction is. The incredibly well connected and experienced travel guides offer a seamless experience each time every time. Nothing compares to our hands- on first point of contact relationship travelling clients receive at Leseli Tours. One of our trademark stamp is the special experiences along the way. It is never about reaching the destination, with us it’s about aiding you in all ways possible to make your travel experience memorable.


Thank you for your interest in employment at Leseli Tours. We have no openings at this time.

A winning Leseli Tours employee balances a greater ability to work on their won sufficiently with strong team work skills. We are a company of travellers, and when we are not out exploring new destinations or things to do and see, we love nothing more than helping our clients enjoy their chosen adventure with us. We have an informal office setting and we seek to competitively compensate all our staff I you would like us to put your application onto our rooster for future openings, please sent a resume and a cover letter to:

Ao cheeheeee!