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What we Offer

Horse Riding

We offer exciting horse riding adventure in the beautiful mountains of Lesotho. Horse riding is very popular with all our clients. All our horses are rented from local villagers and all horses are friendly and owners become guides. Each owner guides his horse when our clients ride. No riding experience required. Everybody is welcome to ride with us.

Biking Experience

We offer our clients an amazing biking experience. Our most popular is Quadbiking. We provide all clients with Quad Bikes and first time riders are always welcome. Our experienced staff guide clients on how to ride and have fun without compromising safety. We also welcome experienced riders who want to bring their two wheeler bikes for mountain biking adventures. We ride in Lesotho Mountains, Pretoria South Africa and we do biking trips to Pondado Do Ouro, Mozambique.


During winter season(June - September), natural snow covers the moutains of Lesotho. We organise weekend get away trips to the Skii Resort in Lesotho Mountains. We provide transport, accomodation, food and skiing packages. No experience needed. We take our clients for brief fun filled skiing lessons and in no time its all fun skiing down the slopes. We also take clients on bum boarding, this is popular among children and adults alike. Kids and adults get opportunity to built snow man and take photos.

Corporate Clients

We offer corporate clients team building get aways. We have experienced facilitators and we pay attention to detail making sure that at the end of the team building weekend the corporate has achieved its goal.

Cruiseship Tours

We go around the world in the breathtaking, fun filled, magnificent cruiseship. The cruiseship is a world of entertainment. There is live music and bands, clubs with DJs mixing the decks, gym, health and beauty spa, swimming pools, jaccuzis, theatres and restaurants just to mention a few. We get off the ship at different destinations and islands. Cruiseship tours are a must do with Leseli Tours. Individuals, families and groups are welcome.

Camping and Festivals

We attend music, arts and cultural festivals in style. Every year without fail in June we attend the Bushfire Festival in Swaziland and MACUFE, both in Lesotho and Bloemfontein. We camp at festivals. We bring our mobile hotels and they are our transport as well as our 5 star accomodation. Our campers have double beds with bedding, shower with hot water, flushing toilets and fully equiped kitchen. All you do is bring your clothes and drinks.

Helicopter Rides

We have an amazingly beautiful view of the Mountain Kingdom in a helicopter. It is such an amazing experience as the helicopter takes off and we fly over popular landmarks like Katse Dam, Thaba Bosiu and Qiloane to mention but a few. Priceless.


We offer the thrill and adrenalin rush of speed boating. No swimming experience is necesary, we offer all our clients life jackets even the experienced swimmers for safety sake. This is a very exciting summer experience for all age groups.

Ao cheeheeee!